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Hybrid Events

Hybrid events combine the best of two worlds. A perfect blend of online and face-to-face event offers countless design options and many advantages for the organizer. The supreme discipline? To give the audience a unique experience both digitally and live on site. Top modern Gurgl Carat offers ideal conditions for such an event.

Advantages of hybrid events

Hybrid events have been on the rise in the event industry, and not just since the Covid pandemic. In the course of advancing digitization and the resulting opportunities, hybrid events and online events are becoming more and more important. In particular, the high degree of flexibility compared to purely face-to-face events is a huge advantage of hybrid events. At the same time, valuable get-togethers between the participants take place in hybrid meetings. It is not possible online in such a personal form.

3 good reasons to plan your next event as a hybrid event:

  1. Flexibility
    A smaller group on site means more flexibility in the choice of location, hotel and service provider. Spontaneous absences of individual participants (for instance: due to illness) do not endanger the entire course of the event. Thanks to digital technologies at Gurgl Carat, these people can still take part virtually.
  2. Location independence
    Only some of the event participants are on site. The other part is present only digitally. This is a great opportunity, especially for large companies that have teams all over the world, or international congresses. As well planners, speakers or visitors can take part in the event more easily - no matter where they are. This fact promises a wide reach and global orientation.
  3. Interaction
    Interpersonal interaction is an important part of any event. In hybrid events, it can work on many different levels. Personal contact on site in particular strengthens the relationship with employees and business partners. But also experiences in virtual space are more exciting than ever thanks to new staging options.

Hybrid events at Gurgl Carat

Gurgl Carat offers the ideal conditions for your next hybrid event. The state-of-the-art event technology inspires both the audience on site and on the screens. Product demonstrations, image films and presentations become a real experience on a 100 m² screen. Gurgl Carat can accommodate up to 500 people. The rest of all participants can simply be connected as the digital infrastructure is already available on site.

Your advantages Gurgl Carat:

  • State-of-the-art event technology & 100 m² screen in the congress center.
  • Space for up to 500 people on site.
  • Conference venue Gurgl: fantastic location in the mountains, first-class hotels and memorable alpine side programs.
  • All video and audio signals are processed digitally (AV over IP).
  • WiFi throughout the building - can be increased to up to 1 Gbit/s (upload and download) for streaming.
  • Experience in organizing hybrid events with a highly professional partner network.
Ötztal, Gurgl, Gurgl Carat, event centre, direction

Audi Talk live from Gurgl Carat

The Audi Talk shows what a hybrid event at Gurgl Carat can look like in practice. Five experts met in Gurgl at the beginning of 2022 on the topic of “Creating cultural variety in business”. On site, they discussed heterogeneous teams in companies, diversity as a factor in personnel selection and opportunities for the future. Gurgl Carat acted as a multimedia streaming location. Schalfkogel hall was transformed into a recording studio, the gallery served as an interview area and Hangerer seminar room became the workplace of the “behind the scenes” crew. You can read more about exciting insights into this hybrid event on our Carat.Blog.




Hybrid event: technology and prerequisite

Hybrid events open up completely new design possibilities in the event sector. By combining digital and analogue content, many new event formats are conceivable. At the same time, technology plays a decisive role in a hybrid event. The viewers in front of the screens should also get an optimal event experience. If you organise your hybrid event in the Gurgl Carat, you can make use of a wide range of technology. For example, the integrated hall camera in the large Schalfkogel seminar room. Presentations, panel discussions or lectures can be recorded easily and uncomplicatedly with it. Since all audio and video signals in the Carat are digital anyway, you can just as easily incorporate them into your streaming.

Ötztal, Gurgl, Gurgl Carat, event centre, hybrid events

Your agency for hybrid events

Gurgl Carat not only offers seminar rooms with premium technical equipment, but also supports you as your local partner on site. In addition to the premises of a congress center, we also offer the services of an agency. We will help you with both the planning and implementation of your hybrid event. As an event location, we can rely on great expertise in the area of face-to-face events. Thanks to top modern event technology and our know-how in the field of online meetings, digital events are also in good hands with us. This is how we combine the physical and virtual elements of an event and create hybrid events at the highest level. We are very familiar with the technical requirements for a hybrid event and provide the necessary infrastructure. Visitors and guests on site can look forward to a 100 m2 screen that is projected by 3 full HD beamers. Thanks to hall cameras and fast internet, users on the screens will have a unique experience - even from home. In case of technical challenges or difficulties, there are always competent contact partners on site to take care of your hybrid event. Even after the event, you can count on Gurgl Carat, your agency for hybrid events. The success of your hybrid event will be analyzed together by setting the course for a productive future. If you prefer to organize your hybrid event without an agency, you will find a checklist for planning hybrid events below.

Ötztal, Gurgl, Gurgl Carat, event centre, hybrid events

Checklist: Planning hybrid events

If you are planning a large hybrid event, it pays to start organising it in good time. We have compiled some tips for the implementation of hybrid events in the form of a checklist.

One year before the hybrid event

  • Determine the goal of the event.
  • Define the target group and a rough event structure.
  • Make a pre-selection of partners (event location, streaming service provider, etc.).

Half a year before the hybrid event

  • Conclude the contracts with the service providers and partners.
  • Acquire sponsors, exhibitors, etc. if necessary.
  • Visit the event location during a site inspection.

One to three months before the hybrid event

  • Set the final marketing measures for the event.
  • Write to exhibitors, speakers and staff.
  • Review and discuss the agenda with everyone involved.

One week before the hybrid event

  • Test the technology on site and in the stream.
  • Send out final reminders for the event.
  • Check links, set-up and fill the online platform.

On the day of the event

  • Final tech check both offline and online.
  • Attendee management on site as well as on screens.
  • Follow-up of the event on social media and documentation of the event.

A hybrid event is a combination of classic event types that merge into a completely new event format. The epitome of a hybrid event is the mixture of online and face-to-face events. Both the participants on site and the digital viewers experience a meeting or event that is perfectly tailored to their needs and expectations.

Not all face-to-face events also work as hybrid events. It is important that no compromises are made in the implementation either online or on site. The following formats are ideal for hybrid events: meetings, product presentations, annual meetings, conferences, seminars, training courses, trade fairs or even innovative team building events.

Planning hybrid events usually involves a lot of organisational effort. Usually, hybrid events offer both online and face-to-face modules. To ensure that the event is perfectly tailored for the audience on site and for those on the screens, two control plans are written. One for the offline event and one for the online event. The Gurgl Carat team will help you plan your hybrid event according to your ideas.

Hybrid events allow more flexibility in the planning and preparation phase due to a smaller number of participants on site. Thanks to the online part of the event, more people can attend - from anywhere in the world. As a result, hybrid events are very climate-friendly because unnecessary travel is avoided. In contrast to purely online meetings, hybrid events also center on personal get-togethers and the relationship between the participants.

Hybrid events can be used by companies or organizations to increase commitment, involvement and reach. While space is limited at face-to-face events, there are no such restrictions in the virtual space. It means that far more people can automatically take part than in purely on-site events. Even people who are not on site can attend the event without having to travel far. This great advantage provides an enormous boost in terms of reach. Sophisticated tools also generate significant involvement at hybrid events. Virtual chats, online surveys and digital breakout rooms are an excellent complement to face-to-face meetings on site.

Cover photo: © Simon Rainer