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Team building activities

Ideas for team building in the Tirolean Alps

Not only the skills of each individual employee are important. In order to be able to survive in the fiercely competitive environment, the most important thing is the ability to work in a team coupled with cooperation. In everyday work, it is usually difficult to spend time together as a team. Therefore, targeted team events help to strengthen the team spirit.

Team – Together each achieves more

Shared experiences will become shared memories. Especially in times of home office and digital collaboration, real experiences in "analogue" life are all the more important. This applies to individuals as well as to entire teams. Team building can help to promote cooperation between employees, break down hurdles, increase collegiality and strengthen the team's resilience. The best way to do so is team building away from the workplace in the middle of nature. In Gurgl, embedded in alpine nature, you can choose from a huge number of different activities for your team event.

Gurgl – Eldorado for team building

Not far from Gurgl Carat event and congress center, the ski slopes, cross-country ski trails and winter hiking paths start in winter. In summer, hiking trails and mountain bike routes are just around the corner. Even in the valley, the view of countless peaks higher than three thousand meters is truly fascinating and the clear, fresh mountain air immediately promotes well-being. Located at over 1900 meters, there is hardly a better place than Gurgl for side programs and team building events. Experience the unique nature together with your team and benefit from the upscale infrastructure that comprises a congress center, myriad hotels and various leisure activities.

Hochgurgl, Winter, Mountains, Sunrise, Panorama

Ideas for your team building event in Tirol

Everything is possible in Gurgl. Each team building can be individually adapted to your company. Below you will find some ideas for team building activities. Our wide range of side programs in summer and winter is also perfect for team building at the heart of the Alps.

Gurgl Carat exterior

Team building ideas Obergurgl

Fun sport challenge

The participants complete different disciplines in teams. With creative formats such as summer biathlon, cross golf, archery or drone challenge, an exciting competition is guaranteed - followed by a lovely award ceremony.

GPS Rally

In their respective teams, the participants use GPS devices to find the stations that are hidden within the area. Once there, various tasks have to be mastered: planting trees, olfactory buffet, quad course, etc.

Low ropes garden

The group has to master various tasks as a team. The most important thing is excellent cooperation, communication and trust. The program is particularly suitable for groups with a varied blend of participants.

Geocaching at Zirbenwald

Along the route through Gurgl’s stone pine forest there are small hidden caches (treasure boxes) that have to be found using photos of the area. Every cache contains a puzzle that the group has to solve together.

Team building refers to varied measures that aim to strengthen the team spirit and the unity of a team. Additionally, team building can also lead to further team development, building resilience and strengthening collaboration. The different measures can comprise joint activities, games, exercises and teaching methods.

In order for teams to feel like real partners, there are several methods to strengthen the bond between employees. Above all, shared experiences - for example in nature - strengthen the team’s unity and improve team spirit. Ideas for your perfect team event in the Alps can be found here.

Which team building suits your team depends heavily on the people in your team and the corporate culture. Activities amid nature are particularly popular with many employees. Activity games and challenges strengthen team spirit and are special experiences that will be remembered for a long time. Here you can take a look at tips and ideas for your team building in the Alps.

There are manifold activities to promote team building. These activities can be roughly divided into movement-intensive games, cooperation games, mind games, role-playing games and strategy games. The team building offer at Gurgl Carat focuses primarily on physical activity games in nature, which are intended to strengthen team spirit by increasing cooperation. Find out everything about team building activities in Tirol here.