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Your meeting room – An alpine room for inspiration

Seminars in the mountains

Listen to exciting lectures in the morning, get further training units or work on something new. Enjoy alpine nature in the afternoon or do some sporty activities together as a team - this is what your seminar or meeting could look like in Obergurgl. The Gurgl Carat team will be happy to help you plan events for up to 500 people. Not only are ultra-modern meeting rooms at Gurgl Carat available to you, but also countless smaller and larger breakout rooms spread across the village. And what's best: In Obergurgl you can easily reach all meeting and seminar rooms on foot from the village center in a maximum of 10 minutes.

Would you like to rent your conference room in the mountains? We look forward to your inquiry!

Extraordinary locations

Many of the truly unique event locations are also within easy walking distance. There are myriad special event and meeting rooms in Gurgl's seminar site. From rustic alpine huts and wood-paneled Tirolean parlors to the futuristic Top Mountain Star at over 3000 meters. The right location for every event is guaranteed to be found in Gurgl. Each room enchants with its very own facets. But they all have one thing in common: the mountains. All locations are at the heart of the Alpine scenery, some even high up close to the summit and the three thousand meter high peaks of Upper Ötztal are within reach everywhere.

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Gurgl Carat Breakout Room, Top Mountain Star

Creative meeting rooms for productive meetings

It’s not a secret that a change of location stimulates creativity. Everyone has probably experienced it at least once: You just can't get the brilliant idea while setting at your desk - no matter how badly your brain is already smoking. If you leave the familiar surroundings behind and go for a walk, do sports or suddenly when driving, the long-awaited flash of inspiration suddenly hits you. Creative conference rooms help to systematically enhance creativity. Therefore, your employees will be full of creativity at the meeting and not just afterwards. Countless fabulous breakout rooms in Obergurgl are the ideal creative conference spots. In a rustic Tirolean parlor, the subtle scent of pine promises perfect relaxation and you just feel like you are in the forest. Typical alpine dining areas simplify communication and group work. The view from huge windows and the endless expanse of the Ötztal mountains helps with generating new ideas and brainstorming.

Gurgl Carat Meeting Room, Mountains, People
Gurgl Carat Meeting Room, Mountains, People

Exceptional meeting rooms amid nature

In Gurgl, a conference room is not always a room with four walls. Probably the most scenic and inspiring conference room is right on our doorstep - the mountain world of upper Ötztal. Especially in the first phase of a project, it is worth stepping out into the green. Looking into the distance paired with wonderfully fresh alpine air in your nose, many a flash of inspiration arises. Extraordinary conference rooms automatically lead to exceptional ideas. The supposed "imperfection" of nature with all its different shapes and colors is a real booster for creativity, imagination and ingenuity. After your first brainstorming session amid nature, you continue to work on your ideas in the seminar rooms of Gurgl Carat or in other creative conference rooms throughout Gurgl.

Gurgl Carat Breakout Room, Mountains, People, Picnic

A meeting room (also called a seminar or conference room) is a room with special conference equipment. Any congress, seminar, convention, meeting or gathering can take place in a meeting room.

The most important equipment in a meeting room includes a screen and a beamer (or presentation monitor) as well as chairs and tables. WiFi is also a standard feature nowadays. Depending on the size of the room, there is usually also a stage and a lectern. Modern seminar and event locations also have a sophisticated sound system (including microphones) and special light control facilities. Seminar rooms in particular offer additional conference equipment such as flip charts, pinboards and a presenter's kit.

Basically, the words meeting room, conference room and seminar room all mean the same thing - namely a room that has the appropriate equipment for meetings, seminars and conferences. Sometimes a distinction is made according to the size of the event. Larger rooms are often referred to as conference rooms, since more people usually take part in conferences than in meetings or seminars.