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Audi Talk live from Gurgl Carat

Behind the scenes at a hybrid event

"Live from Gurgl Carat high-tech event center - in beautiful Obergurgl", is how presenter Ariane Bertz welcomes the viewers on the screens, opening the Audi Talk on the topic: "Creating cultural diversity in business". For an entire hour, the guests talk about diversity in business, the performance of varied teams and the role of managers and executives. A perfectly staged talk that requires a lot of preparation, an eye for the detail and excellent planning. Today, in the Carat.Blog we take you on a journey by providing an exciting look behind the scenes of this top-class event.


Published 11.04.2022

Diversity as a success factor in business

Together instead of against each other; diversity instead of homogeneity; seeing individuality more as an opportunity than as a danger - these are the core statements of the Audi Talk in Obergurgl. The five experts on site provide deep insights into their understanding of diversity, present best practice examples from their everyday lives and discuss how much diversity in the business world improves the performance of entire teams.


Transfer of knowledge through interaction

In addition to the speakers on stage, such as Tijen Onaran or Florian Gschwandtner, two guests are also connected live. Furthermore, the organizers rely on interaction. Another expert pronounces his ideas in a recording. In addition, the organizers rely on interaction. In the run-up to the talk, viewers can choose which topic will be dealt with in detail. Additionally, there will be live interaction with the audience in front of the screens. The viewers decide, for example, which question will be asked next. The selection of the speakers, the audience's opportunities for interaction and the perfect technical implementation make the Audi Talk an all-round successful event with a highly valuable message.

The 100 m² screen is used as a studio background in this setup.

The 100 m² screen is used as a studio background in this setup. © Simon Rainer

Detailed planning for a smooth sequence

So that everything runs fairly smoothly in the end, some preparation is absolutely required. Not just immediately before the event, but weeks and months ahead. For this reason, those responsible for content and streaming visit Gurgl Carat for a site inspection even two months before the streaming date. During the joint on-site visit, the focus is primarily on the setup and the technical possibilities. Where is the director's place? How big should the stage be? Where do the spectators find space in the hall? How are the cameras ideally placed? What is already there and what do you need to bring with you? With a lot of information in the luggage, the different teams then can start planning the event. Proper planning guarantees that everyone knows what needs to be done during the assembly period and where the setup is placed. A total of three agencies and 40 employees are involved from planning to site inspection and production.


Never without a plan B

But it's not all about excellent planning. Especially in times of Covid it is very important to keep an eye on current developments. Flexibility and a good plan B are truly essential. The Audi Talk will not take place as a hybrid event, as originally planned. The Covid regulations at the time did not allow any on-site events. Everything was already planned - both for viewers on site and users in front of the screens. Nevertheless, the concept has to be revised without further ado and the talk will be streamed entirely as an online event. Thanks to good planning, it is possible without any problems.

Gurgl Carat as a streaming location

Gurgl Carat is truly versatile. Not only face-to-face events with up to 500 participants find enough place in Obergurgl's congress center. The eye catching building at the Diamond of the Alps is also impressive as a streaming location. Whether with or without an audience, as a location for hybrid meetings and events or as a studio for recording an online event - Gurgl Carat always offers the perfect stage. Over 600 m² are available to the streaming team at this event. In addition to the streaming studio at Schalfkogel meeting hall, the Gallery serves as an interview location, Hangerer seminar room as an online control center and the Lounge as a makeup and changing room. Those responsible do not have to worry about the Internet speed either. On request, the speed can be increased to up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbit/s) for uploading and downloading in a flash. The streaming quality also meets the highest standards.

The Gallery at Gurgl Carat with large panoramic windows also makes a perfect and modern interview location.

© Simon Rainer

Behind the scenes at the interview location.

One location – endless possibilities

The framework conditions for the Audi Talk are simply perfect. "Gurgl Carat recommended itself as an ideal location for the Audi Talk thanks to high-quality technical equipment, suitable room sizes, various display options and a modern ambience," summarizes Carina Benckendorff (WWP, member of the organizing committee). Benckendorff also sees great potential for future hybrid events or online events: "The large hall can be used according to individual requirements, there is already modern hall technology on site and the cooperation with the expert Gurgl Carat team is going very well". In addition to the event location of Gurgl Carat, the village's infrastructure is convincing as well. The nearest ski lift is only a two-minute walk away while all hotels and restaurants are within easy walking distance. Everything is ready for your next event in Obergurgl - whether on site, hybrid or online.

Creating cultural diversity in business


Lara Brunner

Lara Brunner is a freelance copywriter and specialist in content marketing. As a studied Germanist, she writes about all topics related to Gurgl Carat in the Carat.Blog. The Tirolean-by-choice seeks and finds inspiration for her texts amid unspoilt nature in Gurgl. That is why she spends most of her free time in the Ötztal mountains. With hiking boots or on skis, she prefers to explore the many three-thousand meter high summits in the immediate vicinity of Gurgl Carat.

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