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B2B events

Ideas & tips for your B2B event in the mountains

B2B events are an important part of any B2B marketing strategy. In this post you will learn why B2B events are important, how you can best network at such events and how your B2B event is guaranteed to be remembered.

Goals of B2B events

B2B events (business-to-business) are events that serve to establish and maintain business relationships. One company is the organizer and one or more other companies are invited. Types of events that are suitable B2B events are, for example, product presentations, trade fairs, workshops, conferences or networking events. The main goals of participating in a B2B event are personal contact with dealers and partners as well as the exchange of news. Companies that organize such events want to actively communicate corporate innovations, strengthen their image and intensify business relationships.

B2B event marketing

B2B event marketing refers to the use of events as a marketing tool to address business customers (business partners). This type of marketing is particularly important in the business-to-business sector. The primary aim is to strengthen personal relationships. After all, behind every company there are people, or to put it in the words of Beth Standlee: “People buy from people.”

Networking at B2B events

A very important part of every B2B event is networking. On the organizer's side, it means that there must be enough opportunities for small talk and breaks. For example, through communicative coffee breaks or exciting side programs that create a relaxed atmosphere. Ans also the participants can make their networking even more effective. Our tips for effective networking at B2B events make your next business meeting a guaranteed and complete success.

B2B event ideas

Just because B2B events are mainly about business topics doesn't mean they have to be boring. Thanks to digitization, there are many new trends and innovations when it comes to B2B events.

We will present some B2B event ideas below:
‒ Use an event app that not only provides information about the event, but also promotes networking.
‒ Create networking and conversation opportunities, for example in the middle of the mountains or in a gondola lift.
‒ Come up with exclusive goodies for special customers (VIPs).
‒ Create unique moments that will be remembered (for example, hiking tours or a special show act).
‒ Also think about hybrid events to reach as many potential visitors as possible.

Tips for effective networking at B2B events

Networking is similar to many other business and private topics. Only those who know where they want to go can get there. In order to make your networking as effective as possible, you should set clearly defined goals. Possible goals would be, for example: establishing a certain number of (qualitative) contacts or getting to know contacts from new industries/companies.

Even if your goal is to make as many contacts as possible: pay attention to the quality of your contacts. Solid partnerships based on mutual respect and interest always pay off in the long term. In the end, it is not the number of business cards that matters, but who is really remembered.

If there is a guest list, be sure to look at it ahead of time. In this way, you can identify contacts already in advance who could be important for your own network. Also prepare yourself professionally for the talks and discussions before the B2B event. Read current industry news and find out about the companies that will be represented.

The quickest way to create new connections is to identify things in common. This could be industry, position in the company or even personal hobbies. However, the strongest connecting components are shared contacts. Actively network your contacts with each other and benefit if your contacts do the same. It’s a give and take.

In addition to good preparation, effective networking also requires conscientious follow-up work. Send your new contacts a follow-up promptly and also network digitally with your new partners.

B2B events differ from B2C events mainly in their focus. While the former center in particular on personal contact and on building long-term customer relationships, business-to-customer events are much more varied. Sometimes lead generation or networking are as well in the foreground here, but topics such as entertainment or specific knowledge transfer also play a decisive role. Find out more about B2B EVENTS and B2B EVENT IDEAS.

A B2B event is all the more successful the better networking is possible. As an organizer, you should pay attention to the composition of participants and ensure that there are enough small talk opportunities. As a participant in a B2B event, it is important to network as successfully as possible. Here you will find tips on effective networking at B2B EVENTS.