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Your green meeting in the Alps

Win-win for people and environment

Top modern Gurgl Carat, Europe's highest congress center, is idyllically situated at almost 2000 meters above sea level. Up here you don’t just meet with a view of the mountains but you will also experience the alpine landscape up close. Conferences, meetings and events held in this natural environment go hand in hand with great responsibility. Responsibility towards nature and our fellow human beings. We are completely aware of this responsibility and make our contribution to a more sustainable congress tourism. Find out all about our sustainable initiatives and plan your green event with our “Checklist: sustainable events”.

All-together sustainable

Together with our local partners and customers, we work to make all event formats as sustainable as possible. For us, this doesn’t just includes protecting the environment. Sustainable management and social justice are also part of our understanding. In our opinion, a green meeting should therefore not only be good for nature, but also sustainable in the interests of society and economy. This only works if everyone involved pulls together. We would be happy to help you make your event as sustainable as possible.

Ramolhaus Gurgl Mood

Green events at Gurgl Carat

Green events can be implemented on many levels. Environmental issues start with energy saving measures in the building, continue with the selection of energy-efficient devices, take into account the water and waste concept and also consider the purity of air and noise prevention. An ecological as well as an economic factor is the selection of the caterer and the variety of food offered: The use of reusable tableware plays an important role here, as does the fresh production of the dishes. In the following we will give you a small insight into our sustainable projects.

Pine Stone Forest Winter Gurgl Ski Mountaineering Tour

Our contribution to sustainable meetings & events

The building has a water cooling system that is fed by mountain water from Gurgler Ache mountain brook. This allows for environmentally friendly building cooling of up to 8°C compared to the outside temperature.
Gurgl Carat Congress & Event center is supplied with renewable thermal energy by “Biowärme Obergurgl”. This is not only sustainable for the environment, but also contributes to regional creation of value.
Gurgl Carat was built in 2019 and therefore meets the current standards in terms of energy efficiency, thermal insulation, ventilation and heating. The building's overall energy efficiency factor fGEE reaches the best value of A++.
At all events held at Gurgl Carat, visitors enjoy fresh local mountain spring water. The tap water of the entire building comes from the surrounding springs - straight from the mountain slopes to Gurgl Carat.
Gurgl Carat uses only reusable crockery, cutlery, mugs and cups. This means that clean catering makes an important contribution to the environment.
Waste is separated on site. Whenever possible, beverages and food come from recyclable packaging materials or from large containers in order to avoid waste. The staff of Gurgl Carat receive special in-house training. Not only in the event halls, but also in the offices, waste is separated and electricity and water are used sparingly.

Our contribution to sustainable meetings & events

Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the building. This means that all visitors can enjoy fresh and healthy air.
Schalfkogel meeting hall is equipped with special acoustic wall panels. These ensure fantastic acoustics within the hall by damping sound so that no noise escapes to the outside.
All areas of Gurgl Carat can be reached by elevator and are therefore also easily accessible for wheelchair users and disabled visitors. All workplaces are barrier-free too.
Depending on seasonal availability and whenever possible, regional or local products are used for catering. Gurgl Carat cooperates with several local producers and suppliers.
Visitors will also find vegetarian options at all catering options of Gurgl Carat. On request and by prior arrangement, vegan menus or dishes can be prepared. Food allergies and food intolerances are as well taken into consideration.
The “Obergurgl Zentrum” bus stop can be found right in front of Gurgl Carat. This means that public transport by train to Ötztal Bahnhof and onward transport by bus to Gurgl is easily possible. On site in Obergurgl, visitors do not need a car or any other shuttles as everything is within walking distance.

Checklist: sustainable events

Are you planning a sustainable event or even a green event? The expert Gurgl Carat team will be happy to help you with the planning, organization and implementation. If you would like to get a themed overview of sustainability and events in advance, our checklist for sustainable events will help you.

How can I find an eco-friendly location for my event?

  • The venue can be reached by public transport
  • The venue is barrier-free
  • The venue is a non-smoking area
  • Use of existing infrastructure (buildings, parking areas, etc.) for events
  • Temporary stands/tents amidst nature will be completely dismantled
  • Precautions are taken to avoid noise

How do I choose the right provider for catering in Austria?

  • Focus on local and seasonal food
  • Cooperation with regional producers
  • Large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Reusable tableware or sustainable alternatives
  • Taking into account allergies, intolerances and special diets
  • Concept for waste avoidance (e.g. large containers)
  • Waste avoidance plan (e.g. to-go containers for food)

To which sustainable accommodation details I have to pay attention to?

  • Certification or commitment to environmental protection
  • Arrival by public transport is possible
  • Regional/seasonal cuisine with many vegetarian and vegan dishes
  • Use of natural furnishing materials
  • Energy efficiency of the building
  • Waste separation and waste prevention system
  • Rooms and other hotel areas are accessible without barriers

How can I ensure that my event generates as little waste as possible?

  • Reusable materials, especially reusable tableware
  • Waste separation on site, also in the visitor area
  • Avoiding waste, e.g. drinks and food from large containers
  • Packaging made from recyclable materials
  • Purchasing according to needs in order to avoid waste
  • Local suppliers: short transport routes
  • Little or no paper, e.g. digital signage instead of posters
  • No giveaways or only products manufactured in an eco-friendly way
  • Possibly deposit-refund system

How can I minimize energy consumption at my event?

  • Consider energy efficiency of the building
  • Sustainable power supply of the building
  • Energy efficient electrical appliances and lighting
  • Use of cooling or heating energy from renewable sources
  • Water-saving sanitary facilities (e.g. stop button when flushing toilets)
  • Information on saving water and electricity is posted

What are the transport options to reduce CO2 emissions of the event?

  • Public transport
  • Carpooling
  • Eco-friendly shuttles and taxis
  • Venue is easily accessible by bicycle or on foot
  • On-site bicycle parking
  • Incentives for arrival by public transport (e.g. reduced admission)
  • Information about environmentally friendly travel options

How can I ensure that my event is socially sustainable?

  • Let all employees involved take part in the planning process
  • Select mainly regional partners and service providers
  • Ensure easy access to the event for people with disabilities
  • Cooperate with local social initiatives
  • Consider gender and diversity aspects
  • Observe protection of minors (e.g. low-priced non-alcoholic beverages)
  • Show consideration for neighbors (noise protection, reduce traffic as much as possible, etc.)

How should I communicate the aspect of sustainability at my event?

  • Emphasize the sustainable character of the event as early as the save-the-date/invitation
  • Inform employees, sponsors and partners about sustainability and train them if necessary
  • Create incentives for participants to also act sustainably (e.g. arrival by public transport)
  • Reporting: documentation of sustainable aspects
  • Obtain participants’ feedback and, if required, collect suggestions for improvement

Green meetings or green events are characterized by a particularly responsible approach to both nature and society. In essence, green events are about increasing energy efficiency, avoiding waste, strengthening social aspects and increasing regional added value. Read more about Green Events in the Alps here.

Green events make a significant contribution to a climate-friendly and socially acceptable way of life. As in all other areas of life, meetings can also make a decisive contribution to sustainability in the congress and event industry. Green events have a positive impact on the environment, society and the economy within a region.