Gurgl Carat - Congress and Event Center

Alpine space for inspiration

Gurgl Carat congress and event center nestles right at the heart of Obergurgl's village, surrounded by the stunning Ötztal mountain world. The extraordinary, diamond-shaped architecture, the state-of-the-art technology and a highly flexible room layout promise convention days at the highest level. Scientists, researchers, managers and people interested in culture will find inspiration at Gurgl Carat. Up to 520 people can attend conferences, seminars, workshops, concerts, art exhibitions or regional events. The center is run by Ötztal Tourismus, the University of Innsbruck and the municipality of Sölden. Therefore customers and partners can choose from a wide range of value-added services in the field of events and congresses within the scope of science and research, business and management as well as culture and art.

What distinguishes us

Our Site

Rooms flooded with light, spectacular architecture, ultra-modern media technology

Our Location

High Alpine: at the heart of the Ötztal mountains - a perfect side and activity program; Central: in the village center - short walking distances; International: in the middle of Europe - a comfortable journey

Our Service

Professional advice and support in the field of planning, conception and implementation