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A year full of events – 2023

Big events, big challenges, big moments & great teamwork

Around 70 events took place in and around Gurgl Carat in 2023. Ranging from small meetings to major international events, everything was included. Today we present our most beautiful moments and our biggest challenges in 2023, taking a look ahead to 2024.

The year 2023 in facts and figures

A total of 70 events took place at Carat in 2023. These include internal events organized by Gurgl Carat itself or the tourist board as well as events of external organizers. Around 5,000 guests from near and far visited Gurgl Carat in 2023. Of course, the visitors also want to be spoiled with catering. Gurgl Carat alone served 4,000 coffee specialties, 6,000 water units and 2,000 beers. This does not include external beverage sales. Our local partners actively supported us with catering, especially at major events. Speaking of major events: there were three really big events in 2023, which together had 3,500 participants.   


My Carat Moment 2023:

“The visit of the Swedish royal couple in summer was very special for me. It wasn't just a short szopping by, but a very private meeting. They were in the building for around half an hour in total, without any other guests, looked at everything in peace and quiet and also watched our film “Gurgl and its Diamonds” with us. That was very special.”

– Felix Kupfer, managing director


Swedish royal couple Gurgl Carat

The Swedish royal couple visiting Gurgl Carat.

Premiere on the international stage of the Ski World Cup

On 18 November 2023, the very first Alpine Ski World Cup race took place in Gurgl. In addition to the major sporting event, many other side events were also on the agenda. Gurgl Carat served as the center of the fan zone in Obergurgl’s village center. In particular, the short planning phase of just six months (from the award date) required a great deal from all those responsible. It was also the first major public event for Gurgl Carat that needed an event registration including a security concept. An organizational masterpiece due to 1,500 possible visitors per day over a total of 3 days and eight individual events, which had to be planned and prepared in the best possible way. The following events took place at Gurgl Carat as part of the Alpine Ski World Cup: a sustainability panel with top-class guests, a party in the foyer, the drawing of bib numbers, two VIP dinners, two concerts and the prize-giving ceremony. The response made by guests and participants was outstanding and everything is already in the starting blocks for a new edition in 2024.

My Carat Moment 2023:

“It is very difficult to filter out a single moment from a year with so many different facets. But if I really had to choose one, it would be this one:
A large pharmaceutical company planned a group training unit on the mountain as part of a product launch. 30 break outs for group discussions of 12 people each were requested. After analyzing a few ideas it became clear that we were going to set up tepee tents, then we had to think about how the tents should be equipped. Should we use straw bales, patio furniture or whatever suits best? Around 350 folding camping chairs and a few tables were then ordered, and each meeting tent was equipped with a flip chart, pens and drinks. The meeting place was ready in the form of a tent village at 2,100 m.
Of course, the coffee break also was up on the mountain - the buffet including drinks and snacks was impressive and provided the culinary accompaniment to the event day.
At 9:00 am sharp, a crowd of around 350 people waited in front of the access point to Hohe Mut Gondola, all waiting to start the conference day with a guarantee of fresh air. Never before during the summer months were so many people waiting to go up the mountain at the same time as on this morning.

Another highlight of the day was lunch together at Hohe Mut Alm. Unfortunately the weather didn't quite cooperate, but we already took precautions. A tent extension for the terrace was delivered by helicopter so that all participants had a comfortable seating place for lunch. The hut with around 200 seats was converted into a location for around 400 people. At the end of the day, the participants met for the gala dinner at Gurgl Carat and then celebrated exuberantly in the foyer.
It was a great experience to implement such an extraordinary customer idea and to showcase our beautiful mountains as a conference venue. I would love to do that again."

– Barbara Dollinger, Project Manager

About major events and big challenges

Another major event that Managing Director Felix Kupfer particularly remembers this year is the product launch of a pharmaceutical company. “We had the overall coordination of the event on site completely in our hands and everything worked very well,” states Kupfer, summing up the large event with 400 people over four days. A special highlight was the “Breakout Tent Village” which was set up in the middle of the mountain especially for this event. Gurgl Carat also faced major challenges internally and mastered them with flying colors. Particularly noteworthy is the comprehensive restructuring of the team. The tasks were reassigned and are now spread across more people. Two interns also supported the team during the summer months.


Gurgl Carat Breakout Tent Village

Tent Village at over 2,000 m.

My Carat Moment 2023:

“My Carat moment of the year was in February, at the VOI-fesch event. The art award ceremony took place here. The disabled artists of all 30 pictures were one by one called onto the stage and received their prize. If I remember correctly, the artist in 2nd place was so full of joy that she rushed onto the stage beaming and proudly announced: ‘I am an artist!’ It was such a heart-touching moment that it brought tears to the eyes of many in the hall. I don’t think I will ever forget that.”

– Matthias Eckmayr, Junior Project Manager

The diamond shines

A fantastic 2023 will set the course for 2024. In addition to the personnel changes, investments continued to be made in the expansion of technical equipment and event amenities. What is particularly noteworthy here is the new Christmas lighting, which makes Carat shine even more brightly in the cold season. At the last Christmas Market in December 2023, the lighting already created an outstanding atmosphere. Lighting can also provide that certain something at other events.

A brief look ahead to 2024

Both the annual pediatric advanced training course (Pediatricians’ Congress) in January and the Alpine Ski World Cup in November are already firmly established at Carat’s event calendar. There are also a number of exciting events organized by companies and Ötztal Tourismus. Felix Kupfer is confident that the chosen strategy of organizing more events for locals and guests will be consistently pursued also in the future. Additionally, already existing and successful formats such as carnival for children, family festival and welcome evenings will of course continue to be held.

Events at Gurgl Carat

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Lara Brunner

Lara Brunner is a freelance copywriter and specialist in content marketing. As a studied Germanist, she writes about all topics related to Gurgl Carat in the Carat.Blog. The Tirolean-by-choice seeks and finds inspiration for her texts amid unspoilt nature in Gurgl. That is why she spends most of her free time in the Ötztal mountains. With hiking boots or on skis, she prefers to explore the many three-thousand meter high summits in the immediate vicinity of Gurgl Carat.