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CARAT BIG 5 – Event Edition

You just can't avoid these topics when planning events

CARAT BIG 5 is neither about personality psychology nor about animals of the savannah. Our BIG 5 include five major topics that play a very important role at every event: getting there, accommodation, event location, food & beverage and side program. We will explain what is essential when it comes to organizing the single services and what the BIG 5 look like at Gurgl Carat.

The holy grail: event planning

Some say that planning the perfect event is almost impossible. However, the perfect event exists when the preparation is right – say others. We at Gurgl Carat belong to the second group. Events are not just our daily business, but our passion. We have further developed our in-depth expertise at many large and small events and are real event professionals. Together with our strong partners, we organize top-class events in and around Gurgl Carat. We not only provide the location, but also act as an on-site agency for our customers. We know the area as well as the best partners and pull all the strings. Based on this experience, we have developed CARAT BIG 5 which we would like to share with you today.

event planning Gurgl Carat

Getting there: just from A to B?

At many congresses, meetings and events, participants often do not come from the surrounding region in which the event takes place. For this reason, an uncomplicated arrival journey and departure of all guests is an important issue. The choice of favorite transport options depends on many factors: for example, the distance to the destination, duration of the event, usual travel habits, etc. It is important that the trip is as comfortable as possible for all participants and is suitable for the event. Of course, sustainability should definitely play a role. Set the duration of the journey in relation to the total duration of the event. As a rule of thumb: the longer the event lasts, the longer the journey can be. Also think about local transport options. Is everything within walking distance or do you need additional shuttles? Departure should not be neglected either. Please always take a closer look at the check-out times of accommodations. For early departures, packed lunches are a great alternative to breakfast in the hotel. Unfortunately, something can always happen ... therefore emergency plans for unplanned arrivals and departures should not be missing.

arrival Gurgl Carat

Arrival at Gurgl Carat

Obergurgl is surrounded by majestic three thousand meter peaks in a beautiful Alpine setting. In a place where nature is so present and sustainability plays a particularly important role. That's why the focus at Gurgl Carat is on public transport by train and bus as well as group arrivals including bus transfers. The most important thing to us is that our guests feel comfortable. If desired, exclusive VIP buses can be booked. These shuttles offer - for example - WiFi, exclusive equipment with more legroom, snack bar, coffee machine, etc. We are also happy to organize an airport shuttle to Obergurgl. No matter if train station or airport, ideally your guests will be welcomed personally. If you do not have the resources for a personal welcome, we will be happy to provide a hostess service.

Location & Arrival


Services that Gurgl Carat offers as part of arrival and departure journey:

  • Organization of arrival and departure with exclusive shuttles
  • Organization of transport on site
  • Organization of hostess service and catering during the trip
  • Organization of packed lunches on the day of departure
Bayern2 Gurgl Carat

Accommodation: from A for apartment to R for room in a 5* hotel

At first glance, the accommodation is not directly part of the event. But the quality of accommodation plays an important role, especially for events lasting several days. However, only well-rested and happy participants can be productive. Make sure that accommodation plays an important role in your event budget. In this context, you should also focus on catering and food. Depending on what type of food arrangement is offered in the hotel (from overnight only to full board), the catering during the event will also vary. At some events, privacy is at the top of the agenda, for example because new products are discussed before they are launched. In this case, it makes sense to book the hotel or accommodation exclusively for the duration of the event. Additionally, you should determine already in advance which services are included for the participants as part of the event and which services are self-pay services. Think about minibar, wellness treatments or room service. When choosing an accommodation, pay particular attention to the room amenities. WiFi is now standard in every accommodation. But what about a work desk in the room, for example? Another booking decision must be made by choosing a classic conference hotel (event and rooms under one roof) or location and hotel. With the latter option, you should check the walking distance between the different locations.

accommodations Gurgl Carat

Accommodation around Gurgl Carat

Gurgl Carat is purely an event location and does not offer hotel rooms. Nevertheless, we would be happy to book the accommodation you need. We will compare your group size in advance with the size of the hotels in the surrounding area. How many accommodations or hotels do you need? Would you like to book accommodation exclusively or do you have other special requests? What budget is available for the entire event? What style of accommodation is your favorite one? From modern to alpine-traditional, there are many options in Gurgl. Fun fact: Gurgl has almost 400 residents and a total of 21 4* hotels. All hotels are within walking distance of Gurgl Carat and are a maximum of 10 walking minutes away. The nearest hotel can be found right opposite Gurgl Carat. Other infrastructural facilities in the small mountain village can also be reached on foot, such as supermarket, restaurants or doctors. All accommodations in Gurgl are of a very high standard. The hotels in particular boast beautiful wellness parlors and excellent cuisine.

Seminar hotels


Services that Gurgl Carat offers as part of accommodation booking:

  • Booking of accommodation according to your requirements (category, budget, exclusivity, facilities, etc.)
  • Expert advice and site inspections
  • Placement of welcome packages in the rooms
  • Organization of gala dinners, buffet evenings etc. in the hotels
accommodations Gurgl Carat

Event location: seminar rooms are all the same?

Now we come to the heart of every event – the event location. Depending on the needs and requirements, it can be a seminar room, an entire congress center or sometimes even a colorful mountain meadow. When choosing the right location, it is important that you keep the goal of your event in mind. Is the main focus on team building? Then open spaces, enough daylight, fresh air and space for activities are important. Is the focus on conveying information? Then you should definitely make sure that the rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technical features. The travel options also play an important role when deciding on a location. Are there any side programs planned in addition to the meeting? Then better narrow down the region. There are different options for side programs in the mountains than by the sea or in a large city. 

seminar rooms Gurgl Carat

Europe's highest congress center: Gurgl Carat

Are you looking for a location in the mountains? Then scenic Gurgl Carat is just right for you. As Europe’s highest congress center, both classic meetings (in various seminar rooms) and creative meetings on the mountain can take place here. The state-of-the-art event technology in the congress center is in no way inferior to the spectacular nature surrounding it. Myriad different set-ups are available at Gurgl Carat - from classic theater seating to creative or communicative seating. We are also happy to organize special decorations, install your branding items and help distribute event material in the room. Thanks to the cooperation with our catering partner, we offer a variety of coffee breaks or lunch buffets. Even gala dinners are possible. Gurgl Carat also plays all the tricks when it comes to technology. From a simple presentation (laptop on projector) to a highly complex media show controlled by our direction – Carat’s technical team will assist you and promises a  perfect implementation of all preferences. We are also happy to help you with the organization of the conference and the planning of side programs. There are many good reasons for choosing Gurgl Carat, but these three are our favorites: unique architecture surrounded by a breathtaking mountain scenery, state-of-the-art technical equipment with its unrivaled centerpiece - the 100 m2 front screen, and the charm of a 400 people village offering an incredible number of possibilities for side programs in summer and winter.

Our seminar rooms


Services that Gurgl Carat offers around the event location:

  • Classic meetings and conferences in modern seminar rooms with premium technical equipment
  • Creative meetings on the mountain, on the meadow or in the gondola
  • Over 20 small and large breakout rooms within walking distance
  • Conference set-up (seating, decoration, event documents, etc.)
  • Catering during the meeting (coffee breaks, lunch)
  • First-class technical equipment and technical support
  • 100 m2 front screen for spectacular presentations in the largest Schalfkogel hall
seminar rooms Gurgl Carat

Food & beverage: from appetizers to gala dinners

What should you definitely avoid at your event? Hungry guests. That's why an important aspect in event planning is food or event catering. Coffee breaks are essential, especially during long meetings. Not just for a caffeine boost in between. Such breaks provide an opportunity to stretch your legs, go to the toilet, get some fresh air and chat with colleagues. They also fulfill an important social role. Pay attention to the coordination between the hotel services (which meals are included?) and the other catering services. Especially if sporting activities are on the agenda, if in doubt you should plan too much rather than too little food. Also pay attention to any food intolerances or special diets of participants. Respect the environment and avoid products with long delivery routes and those that are not in season. Before choosing the location, collect information whether there is an exclusive caterer or whether you are free to choose the caterer.

event catering Gurgl Carat

Culinary delights at Gurgl Carat events

An event in Gurgl is also a culinary treat. Gurgl Carat not only provides you with tasty coffee breaks during the meeting, but is also organizes exclusive dinners. Not only Gurgl Carat is at your disposal. We are happy to organize lunch or dinner in several partner locations on site. There is a huge choice, such as unique Crosspoint, modern See You, rustic Zirbenalm, picture-book Hohe Mut Alm or traditional Nederhütte. Also exclusive bookings for your group are available in other locations. We are happy to take care of the shuttle to and from the event site. Or how about a short torchlight hike for dinner or a gondola ride up the mountain for lunch? When planning the event catering, points such as closing time or music volume should also be discussed in advance. The choice of food itself is essential as well. We would be happy to talk about the options with you and our partners (catering, restaurants, etc.) in advance. Do you prefer a special menu? Will the food be served or is there a buffet? Is there a special event drinks menu? Will the food be billed as a total bill or will everyone pay for themselves? We are also happy to take care of the selection of technology, DJ, band, lighting and decoration.

Event catering

Services that Gurgl Carat offers as part of food & beverage:

  • From coffee breaks to gala dinners
  • Cooperation with local catering partners
  • No exclusive caterer – take your preferred caterer with you
  • Adaptation of the location to the event’s motto/style
  • Organization of decoration, shuttle, technology, DJ/band, lighting etc.
  • Huge choice of different locations on site (Crosspoint, See You, Zirbenalm, Hohe Mut Alm, Nederhütte and hotel restaurants)
event catering Gurgl Carat

Side program: sporty, cultural, enjoyable

Whether sporty, cultural or enjoyable – a nice and entertaining side program automatically enhances every event. In addition, side and activity programs are ideal for promoting social interaction. Depending on the event location, side programs and team building activities can look completely different. Find out already in advance what options are available. Your ideas should also take into account the size of the group, any possible transfer routes and (in case of sporting activities) the physical condition of all participants. It is important that no one is excluded and that you have alternatives at disposal. Shared experiences strengthen team spirit and, depending on the topic of the conference and activity, content can also be deepened. But of course a side program can also just be fun - without team building ideas or without going into further details. Active breaks are extremely important for processing all the information.

side program Gurgl Carat

Side programs around Gurgl Carat

At a meeting in Gurgl, the focus should never be solely on conveying information. The nature around the congress center is too fabulous and the people’s local culture is really too exciting. The best way to explore nature and culture is to take part in varied side & activity programs in the immediate surroundings of Gurgl Carat. From skiing and hiking to team biathlon or via ferrata climbing courses – the possibilities are endless. We know Gurgl like the back of our hand and have direct contact with the local service providers. We can help you with issues such as group composition (homogeneous vs. heterogeneous), selection of suitable programs (action vs. safety), organization of shuttle transfers, time and budget planning and other points. We also offer a unique collection of brilliant side programs and team building events. Mostly embedded in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Ötztal Alps. We very much look forward to showing you all the facets of Gurgl.

side programs

Services that Gurgl Carat offers related to side & activity programs:

  • Organization of side programs and team building activities
  • Something for everyone: sporty, cultural, enjoyable
  • Direct contact with local service providers
  • Advice on composition of groups, selection of programs as well as time & budget planning
  • Organization of shuttles (location/hotel – place of activity)
  • The most beautiful experiences right on your doorstep
side program Gurgl Carat

Do you need support in planning your event?

We will be happy to support you in planning and implementing your event.

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Lara Brunner

Lara Brunner is a freelance copywriter and specialist in content marketing. As a studied Germanist, she writes about all topics related to Gurgl Carat in the Carat.Blog. The Tirolean-by-choice seeks and finds inspiration for her texts amid unspoilt nature in Gurgl. That is why she spends most of her free time in the Ötztal mountains. With hiking boots or on skis, she prefers to explore the many three-thousand meter high summits in the immediate vicinity of Gurgl Carat.

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