Covid-19 safety & hygiene measures

Extensive easing steps of the currently valid COVID-19 safety measures are planned in Austria from 19 May 2021. The Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection (BMSGPK) has defined countless official regulations for the implementation of events. As a result, both visitors and employees of an event should not be exposed to a higher risk of infection than compared to other contact in public spaces.

The Gurgl Carat team is trained about all mandatory safety measures and offers also the opportunity to hold your event in a Covid-19-compliant manner. Therefore, from 19 May 2021, the following safety measures will apply during an event.

Last update: 04 May 2021

Safety and hygiene regulations

– During the entire event, visitors and employees must maintain a safety distance of 1 meter (clearance) from other people. People from the same household and entire visitor groups are exempt from this regulation.

– Visitors and employees must wear nose and mouth cover on the entire site. It may only be removed when taking a seat.

– Visitors and employees must disinfect their hands at critical key points (entrance, cloakroom, toilets, catering area). Sufficient disinfectant facilities are available.

– In order to maintain the minimum distance in the single event rooms, the maximum number of visitors will be adjusted. Therefore, the following maximum capacities apply until further notice.


Room Theater - normal Theater - COVID19 Parliament - normal Parliament - COVID19
Schalfkogel 504 252 288 144
Hochwilde 336 168 192 96
Spiegelkogel 156 78 90 45
Liebenerspitze 96 48 54 27
Granatenkogel 63 31 36 18

A maximum of 50 people may take part in events without a clearly defined allocation of seats. Seat allocation is mandatory for 50 or more people. The participants have to take a seat in the marked green seats.


Example Room Schalfkogel Theater seating

Example Room Schalfkogel Theater seating

Regulations for controlling the flow of visitors

– A one-way regulation applies to the entire event site, which the participants must adhere to. Participants are also asked to go to their seat immediately after registering and wait there for the event to begin.

– To avoid the gathering of people in waiting and queuing areas, we have installed additional distance markings on the floor. A staggered check-in is strongly recommended.


Regulations regarding the use of sanitary facilities

– Due to the one-way regulation, both toilet areas can be reached on the way out of the building. To prevent people from gathering there is a waiting area in front of both toilet areas. Additionally, on floor 1 there is a reference to further sanitary facilities located on the ground floor.

– The toilets will be cleaned and disinfected continuously during the event. In addition, detailed instructions are attached to the washbasins on how to correctly wash and disinfect hands.


Regulations regarding food and beverages

– Due to the currently applicable measures, the consumption of food and drinks is only permitted at your seat. There are several restaurants in the vicinity of Gurgl Carat, that offer fine catering for all participants in compliance with the official safety and hygiene regulations.


Regulations on what to do if a SARS-CoV-2 infection occurs

– Participation in events held at Gurgl Carat is only permitted for registered and healthy people. It applies to both visitors and employees.

– The contact details of all visitors and employees are stored for 28 days so that everyone can be contacted in the event of a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

– If an infection is suspected, the person in question is separated until the test result is available and further steps can be taken.

– The instructions of the Gurgl Carat staff must be followed by all visitors at all times.